Online English Teaching
Decide Your Own Salary and Teaching Hours
No Intermediary Takes Money from You

Do you want someone takes your hard-earned money from your pocket?

Do you prefer to work for yourself?

Do you want to decide how much to charge?

Do you want to earn more by updating your salary whenever you want?

Do you want to take as many classes as possible without limited maximum teaching hours?

Do you want a team who can provide you with full support to help you become more popular among students?

If the answers are yes except for the first one, you are in the right place!!!

Let’s learn more about this!!!

Who We Are

V2US defines itself as a bridge—we connect foreign teachers with Chinese students to help students gain what they want. Teachers post the basic information on our platform and students visit the platform to book classes from teachers’ schedules. Students will pay teachers the exactly same rate that teachers ask for.

Why join us

Control your own salary

Self-determined rate!!! You decide your rate. And you can update your rate anytime you want.

Own your own personal brand

You can build your own personal image. You decide your teaching methods or teaching styles. You will be popular among students and make friends with Chinese. You will own your personal brand and have lots of fans.

Customer to customer. No third agency takes your money

Teachers and kids can communicate straight about the salary and teaching. No third agent charges students high fee and pays teachers low salary.

Be your own boss

I want to teach 5 hours per week. Wait a sec. I need money. So maybe as many classes as possible. We’ll see. I prefer kids instead of adults. Ehh…Can I teach history? Well. Okay. You are the boss. So, whatever you want.

Behind every successful one of you, there is a team

How can I be popular among students? What should I do to get my classes booked? I am new, and I don’t know how to manage the class? What if there are technical issues? Well. Don’t worry. You got us! We will provide you with full support.

What about teaching materials?

It takes a lot of efforts to prepare for teaching materials. If you prefer, you can use the teaching materials provided by us. Or you can design your own class to pass on your knowledge to more people.